Bring simple luxuries into your home with beautifully designed Solid Area Rugs
Versatile, eclectic, and stylish, Our Solid Color Rugs are sure to soften stronger lines and pull any room together. Use a Solid Rug as a foundation to keep your space grounded.

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Shag Rug Dark Gray and Charcoal

Infuse luxury, comfort, and coziness into your space with the fluffy extra dense dark gray charcoal shag rug.

From $125

Shag Rug Solid Beige

Shag Rug Solid Beige will give any room a warm cozy feeling, making yourself feel right at home.

From $125

Shag Rug Solid Gray

Wake up your space with a dense Shag Rug Solid Gray that’s packed with coziness and luxurious texture.

From $125

Shag Rug Solid Ivory

Solid Ivory Shag Rug has a super soft, extra dense shag texture that you can find comfort in.

From $125

Shag Rug Solid Red

Bold red is an attention-getting hue, so the Shag Rug Solid Red is a great addition if you need assistance getting revved up and energized in a neutral room.

From $125

Shag Rug Solid White

Solid White Shag Rug instantly brighten up any space to create a calming atmosphere that allows for a wide range of versatile styling options.

From $125

Shag Rug Light Gray

Keep your space bright with a dense Light Gray Shag Rug that’s packed with coziness and luxurious texture.

From $349

Moroccan Trellis Beige Shag Rug

The Moroccan Trellis Beige Shag Rug acts as a beautiful, eye-catching focal point without being too busy or distracting.

From $280

Moroccan Trellis Gray Shag Rug

Inspired by Moroccan trellis rugs, our Gray Shag Rug has a rustic, vintage style with bohemian touches.

From $280

Clean Lines Minimalist Rug

Dress up your floors like never before with our ultra-modern and sleek neutral rug.

From $99

Subtle Striped Gray and Black Rug

Create a sophisticated look for your home with this simple yet elegant Subtle Striped Gray and Black Rug. This Rug has muted gray tones in a light striped effect.

From $125

Subtle Striped Gray Rug

With its subtle stripes and casual muted gray tones, the Striped Gray Rug offers a simple and modern look to any home decor.

From $125

Geometric Gray Rug with Border

Black and white border adds an elegant touch to the Geometric Gray Rug while its neutral gray colors add depth and sophistication to your room.

From $100

Geometric Red Rug with Border

With a bold red color, this Geometric Rug with Border brightens up any space and give a room revved-up energy.

From $349

Solid Plain Dense Rug Blue

Keep your interior minimalist and neat with this extra dense solid blue rug!

From $349

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