Wake up your space with a plush, dense Shag rug that’s packed with coziness andluxurious texture. Try using a Shag rug to make a major statement in your home.

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Shag Rug Dark Gray and Charcoal

Infuse luxury, comfort, and coziness into your space with the fluffy extra dense dark gray charcoal shag rug.

From $125

Shag Rug Solid Beige

Shag Rug Solid Beige will give any room a warm cozy feeling, making yourself feel right at home.

From $125

Shag Rug Solid Gray

Wake up your space with a dense Shag Rug Solid Gray that’s packed with coziness and luxurious texture.

From $125

Shag Rug Solid Ivory

Solid Ivory Shag Rug has a super soft, extra dense shag texture that you can find comfort in.

From $125

Shag Rug Solid Red

Bold red is an attention-getting hue, so the Shag Rug Solid Red is a great addition if you need assistance getting revved up and energized in a neutral room.

From $125

Shag Rug Solid White

Solid White Shag Rug instantly brighten up any space to create a calming atmosphere that allows for a wide range of versatile styling options.

From $125

Shag Rug Light Gray

Keep your space bright with a dense Light Gray Shag Rug that’s packed with coziness and luxurious texture.

From $349

Moroccan Trellis Beige Shag Rug

The Moroccan Trellis Beige Shag Rug acts as a beautiful, eye-catching focal point without being too busy or distracting.

From $280

Moroccan Trellis Gray Shag Rug

Inspired by Moroccan trellis rugs, our Gray Shag Rug has a rustic, vintage style with bohemian touches.

From $280

Tassel Plush Shag Abstract Rug

Add a little Bohemian flair to your design with tassel fringes and plush shag piles.

From $299

Soft Shimmer Silver Shag

Everything you could want in a shag - fashionable silver color, generous pile height, and irresistible softness - is exactly what you get with our Soft Shimmer Silver Shag.

From $349

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